Environmental Awareness


Our Environmental Practices


Climate change is upon us and we are very much focused on doing all we can to protect the environment. This means working hard to ensure our business practices are as green as possible.

We use environmentally friendly products including natural salt which has an additive produced from a renewable and easily bio-degradable source, reducing loss during spreading providing greater residual salt levels producing longer term protection, which in turn means fewer gritting call outs.

We are a local firm providing local gritting services alongside national networks. This means we limit our carbon emissions simply by travelling shorter distances between our depot and our customers.

Using the best available weather forecasting services ensures we grit only when needed while, as a company, we recycle paper and other by-products.

Where possible, we try to ensure every aspect of our activities embraces the soundest of environmental practices.

This is achieved by minimising the use of natural resources and energy, by using materials in moderation. Recycling and efficient operations result in less waste which, along with effluent, is safely and responsibly disposed of. We adhere to environment legislation, approved codes of practice and are continually assessing the environmental impact of our operations, past, present and future, whilst continually striving to: become more fuel efficient; reduce pollution, emissions and waste; and raise awareness, encourage participation in and training of, employees in environmental matters.

A copy of our waste policy is available for distribution.